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The recovery for re-use of valuable elements from oil-based fluids contributes to environmental stewardship, circular economy, and optimal waste treatment.

In Norway, approximately 180,000 ton of high-priced oil-based mud and completion fluids return to shore after having been used offshore. The used oil-based mud, actually a valuable resource, could be treated, upgraded and reused. Very often, instead, the treatment is not carried out because the used oil-based mud (OBM), even after the upgrading, is deemed unsuitable for the stringent requirements of the drilling operations. A substantial amount of OBM is therefore classified as waste.

The OBM waste handling costs around USD $300 per ton, the figure is based on data received from Norsk Gjenvinning AS. Furthermore, some used oil-based drilling and completion fluids are stored in tanks for several years as they contain highly expensive chemicals.

Norwegian Technology AS agreed with Baker Hughes Inc to treat 330 m3 of low solid OBM that had been stored in tanks for several months. The mud contained 60% of expensive brine and around 40% of oil (by volume). The mud was treated and approximately 60% brine, 20% oil and 20% sludge were recovered.