Demolishing, we contribute to limit the impacts on single territory.

Pavoni SpA can boast of being a leader in the demolition and earthmoving sector.

We are grateful to our team which, equipped with a certain professionalism, is able to intervene in removal activities of existing buildings or structures that can threaten people's safety.

Through cutting-edge techniques and tools we are able to carry out demolition activities safely and efficiently, minimizing impacts on the environment and public health, also giving particular importance to the reuse phase of materials.

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Before proceeding with demolition, it is important to evaluate the conditions of the structures to be removed. This may involve inspecting the foundations, load-bearing structures, used materials and other components to determine the most suitable methodology for demolition and to evaluate any associated risks.

The area of project planning and management concerns the organization and supervision of demolition activities. This may include drawing up detailed demolition plans, managing the necessary permits and approvals, time and resources planning, as well as managing safety on the construction site.

Safety is a priority key in demolitions. It is necessary to evaluate and manage the risks associated with demolition, including those related to the presence of asbestos, hazardous substances, structural risks, health risks and our employees safety. Compliance with safety regulations and taking appropriate preventative measures are essential.

A correct demolished material management is essential. This area concerns the separation and correct disposal of waste and waste materials, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and promoting the recycling or reuse of materials when possible.

Demolition equipment and techniques vary based on specific needs and the type of removal structures. This may include the use of excavators, mechanical breakers, controlled explosives, plasma cutting or other specialized techniques to carry out the demolition safely and efficiently.

After demolition, it is often necessary to carry out site remediation to restore the area to a safe and suitable state for future use. This may include removing debris, remediating any soil or groundwater contamination, and preparing the land for the next phase of construction or for the reuse of the area.

Demolitions must be conducted in accordance with relevant local, national and international laws and regulations. This may relate to compliance with workplace safety laws, environmental regulations, asbestos regulations and other specific regulations to demolition.

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