Our promise:

Pavoni S.p.A. is deeply committed to health and safety at work.

It's not just a goal, but a promise we make to every single member of our team and all third parties involved.

Whether we are in offices or on construction sites, we adopt a prevention and protection system that puts human life at the centre.

Each project is built and aimed at creating a completely safe working environment, in order to safeguard safety for those who work for us and achieve the most important objective: #ZeroInjuries at work.



Our daily challenge is to plan project solutions in complete safety both for you, as our customer, and for our team.

Our dedicated security team works with passion and dedication to manage every aspect of health and safety at work. With care and empathy, they value risks, they plan and implement training courses, they involve all workers and subcontractors and they undertake to constantly monitor our operations.

Thanks to our membership in Occupational Health and Safety Management System, certified according to the standard UNI EN ISO 45001, Pavoni SpA has achieved very important goals. We have awakened in our employees a deeper awareness of the importance of safety,we have significantly reduced workplace accidents and prevented professional diseases. Together, we have also significantly reduced the insurance and compliance costs.

Every year, our commitment only grows. We continue to strongly emphasisethe importance of health and safety in the workplace, investing wholeheartedly in training and awareness-raising of our staff.. With passion and dedication, we work to make Pavoni SpA an increasingly safe and respectful place for human life.