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Pavoni S.p.A. is the expression of 73 years of experience in the construction field, thanks to the talent and costant diligence of 182 people capable of putting their heart and soul into what they love to do: making our planet a better place.

Our group proudly observes the numerous interventions carried out over the years to facilitate mobility (roads, highways, bridges) to improve vital parameters in urban centers (aqueducts, sewage systems and gas pipelines), to promote the eco-sustainable sector (hydroelectric power plants, biomass power plants, biodigesters and photovoltaic systems), to rrecover and redevelop our territory (reclamation, demolition, quarry management) and to support the increase in new construction (residential, commercial and industrial construction).

Thanks to the philosophy of thought that unites the group: "We are dedication, seriousness and commitment", Pavoni SpA managed to record, in 2021, an honorable value of €71.65 million; a very high result and far from the € 15.68 million registered in 2012.

These are numbers that, unquestionably, make our group proud of its works, that load and well marked does not stop wanting to contribute to the development and welfare of our Italy and our planet.

Organization chart.

CDA President

Tiziano Pavoni


Tiziano Pavoni, Fabio Pavoni, Damiano Pavoni, Davide Pavoni

DGE/DL for safety

Tiziano Pavoni


Roberta Pavoni, Virna Pavoni

Supervisory Body ODV

Dr. Biagio Amorini

Board of Statutory Auditors

President: Peacocks Luana
Mayor: Pollini Martina and Rizzini Silvia Mayor
Substitute: Magistrelli Carlo and Rassega Denise

Legal Auditor

Orazi Marco

R.LE RGS System Management

Renato Scudellari

MOGC contact person Legislative Decree 231/01

Roberta Pavoni

IT Department (est.)

Stefano Salvadori (est.)

General Secretariat SG

Giulia Tabarboni*, Manuel Pavoni, Gianpietro Rivetti

Environment Office

Giulia Tabarboni*, Manuel Pavoni, Fabio Pavoni

RTD Privacy Manager

Manuel Pavoni

Competent Doctor

Dr. Enzo Piscione

First Aid Squad

See list


Cristian Berta

Fire Squad

See list


Livio Pasini