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We protect the single territory through sistainable choices.

Pavoni S.p.A. is at the forefront to encourage the use of renewable energy, a clean energy source which does not produce CO2 emissions that are harmful to the environment and human health.

Through the construction of hydroelectric power plants, biomass power plants, biodigesters and photovoltaic systems we want to guarantee and encourage the production of clean energy, capable of reaching the homes of many people.

We want to safeguard our health and make the Earth a better home.

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What do we do?

The area of design and development plants concerns the planning and engineering of renewable energy projects. This can include the design of solar photovoltaic systems, wind power plants, hydroelectric plants, biomass plants and geothermal energy plants.

The installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems require specific competences. This area involves the physical installation of the systems, the connection to the electrical grid, the installation of the components and the commissioning of the systems. Furthermore, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the systems.

Renewable energies may require a different management of electricity networks for the effective integration of renewable sources. This area includes the management of energy flows, the optimization of energy distribution and the management of interconnections between renewable plants and the national or local electricity grid.

Renewable energies are characterized by their intermittency, which means that production can vary depending on climatic or environmental conditions. Energy storage technologies, such as batteries or hydroelectric pumping, allow excess energy produced to be stored in order to use it when production is reduced.

Energy efficiency is closely related to renewable energy. This area involves energy consulting, energy auditing of buildings or facilities to identify efficiency improvement opportunities, and solution plans to reduce energy consumption.

Research and development is about innovation and the advancement of technologies in renewable energy. This area includes the research for new sources of renewable energy, the development of more efficient and cost-competitive technologies, and the testing of innovative solutions for the use and management of renewable energy.

Renewable energy is affected by government regulations and policies. This area includes the analysis and understanding of national and international energy policies, the evaluation of financial incentives, regulatory compliance and the development of projects in accordance with current energy regulations.

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